Dragonball Z Characters                                                 Goku is from the planet Vegeta his father was Bardock . His father got killed fighting Frieza. Goku was born in 737 A.D on planet Vegeta and came to earth to destroy all the earthlings living on it and prepare for Frieza’s arrival . Later on Goku forgot his mission, because of falling of a cliff. He is a full blooded Saiyan but he refers to himself as a Saiyan raised on earth. In year 756 A.D. he marries his wife Chi Chi, and in May of 757 A.D. Chi Chi gives birth to their first child Gohan one of the strongest Saiyans. In May 767 A.D. the second child is born after Cell is killed, his name is Goten. Goku died when he teleported Cell to King Kai’s planet so that Cell would not detonate himself,  killing every one on earth. Goku becomes the first Super Saiyan in the Frieza Saga.



 Gohan Cell
Gohan is the first child, son of Goku, he ends up to be even stronger than Goku his father. He becomes a Super Saiyan in cell games saga. Gohan’s whole life he has had a very intense powerful strength inside him that unleashes when some one makes him mad, hurts his friends, and hurts him enough. Later on he goes to High School, he becomes the Great  Saiyaman. That is his “alter ego”, he wears a helmet with a green suit with white mantle, and a special watch invented by Bulma that helps him  change his outfit from normal to super-hero. Later on Videl, the person that always protected Satan City before Great Saiyaman came to Satan City, Videl figures out later that the Great Saiyaman is Gohan. Gohan  replaces his helmet with a bandana and sunglasses, so that he can be in the Martial Arts Tournament. Videl demands that Gohan teaches Videl how to fly. Through those years after the cell saga Gohan did not train at all he studied, unlike Vegeta which trained every day  for 7 years strait.  When Gohan becomes mystic Gohan or aka Ultimate Son Gohan he can change to any of his Super Saiyan forms by just staying a regular Saiyan, which means he won’t have as much anger as he does when in Super Saiyan forms.



Piccolo is the reincarnation of his father Piccolo Daimaou. Many people think it’s a plot hole that Ka,i is still alove after Daimaou is killed. Piccolo retains all of his father’s memories and abilities, however, he does have something that his father didn’t. A conscience. When Piccolo first appears during the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai, he’s incredibly brutal and seriously has it in  for Goku. The next time he shows up to assist Goku in defeating Raditz, he still has no feelings for Goku ans would kill him just as soon as he’d kill Raditz…..wich…..uh…he does. But that’s besides the point. As he’s forced to train Goku’s child Gohan to be a warrior, Piccolo becomes attached to Gohan, but neve once shows it.Piccolo finally becomes reformed when he sacrifices his life to save Gohan’s. From that moment on, he losses his desire to conquer the Earth. (Sometimes he lets his anger get to the best of him, and says bad things, but he’s not serious). Later on, Piccolo merges with Nail increasing his power to 1,000,000 allowing him to go one on one with stage 2 Freiza. And in the middle of the Android saga, he merges with his other half, Kami, and becomes the true original Piccolo once again. His various mergings do not change him.






 Goku Gnd Vegeta Super sayian 3
 Vegeta and decides to put him under his control. All of sudden Vegeta starts having  Very bad pain from the inside, Kioshen tells Goku and Gohan, and they try to help him from turning but after extreme pain Vegeta is finally under Babi-dee’s control and now is Super Saiyan level 2. Babi-dee uses his magic and teleports them all back to  the World Tournament which then blast a big wave of energy at Goku, and  Goku can’t deflect it up into the sky and it hit’s the stadium and blast a big hole through it and then Goku gets mad and says is this your usual ways again and Vegata blast another hole in the stadium over by Yamcha, Chi Chi, Bulma, and the others. Then Kioshen steps out in the middle of Goku and Vegeta and says “if you fight  Vegeta every little bit of energy will go into resurecting Majin Buu”. Goku tells Kioshen to move but he does not, so Goku rises his hand up to blast Kioshen unless



The greatest creation that Dr. Gero made, cell is a combination of blood samples taken from: Goku, Vegeta, Nappa, Piccolo, Frieze, and King Cold. Cell has three entirely different stages, the second and third stage is reached by absorbing certain Androids. The Androids are 17 and 18. When he finally obtains them, he becomes incredibly powerful and organizes the cell game. Cell is finally killed on May 26th, 767 AD by Super Saiyan Gohan with help from the Z fighters. tumblr_mxq88ko8OX1r8tyjfo1_r1_500



Future Trunks (未来のトランクス), referred to in the series simply as Trunks, is the Saiyan and Human hybrid son of Vegeta and Bulma from the alternate future. By the time Present Trunks was born, the timeline had been altered by Future Trunks’ and Cell‘s trips to the past. Therefore, the two Trunks had completely different lives (as opposed to those who lived before the Time Machines arrived, they lived exactly the same lives as their counterparts until the point at which the two timelines diverge: three years before the androids arrived).


Planets they came from

Vegeta from Vegeta

Piccolo from Namek

Sward trunks from Earth

Goku from Vegeta

Gohan from Earth

Krillen from Earth

Yumcha from Earth



Goku: Super saiyan, 1, 2, 3, 4

Gohan: Super saiyan, 1, 2, 3

Piccolo: Transformation 1

Vegeta: Super saiyan, 1, 2, 3, 4




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